EchoLink Connection



Echolink Node


#570945 AA3E-R



AA3E-R Montgomery County PA EOC Eagleville, PA




Download Echolink:



The AA3E Echolink node links our 2 meter [ 146.835 MHz ] Repeater to the Internet making our repeater accessable wherever there is access to the Echolink system. 

Key Benefits

  • Allows members to check-in from anywhere in the world from a computer, tablet, or smart-phone with an Internet connection
  • Provides new operators a low-cost method of checking-in while they invest in, build and test their individual equipment
  • Wider availability for participation in weekly nets for Montgomery County operators having difficulty accessing the repeater using RF.
  • Allows participation by neighboring counties in nets and exchange of regional information during emergency operations

Important !

    You MUST be a licensed Amateur Radio operator/station to register for Echolink use. 



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